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  welcome to Bildarchiv - Matthias Barth. My photo-archive is specialized on travel-, architecture-, environment- and nature-photography and provides you with an extensive stock of approximately        10 000 pictures with subjects from Germany and Europe. Here you find images of the most interesting German cities and tourist regions especially in the northern, eastern and southern parts of Germany - for example about 1000  pictures from Berlin, 1200 pictures from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, 400 pictures from Bavaria, 1300 pictures from Brandenburg and much more.

  In addition to this I can offer you photography’s from several European countries. Among these you find a large collection of images from almost every region in Switzerland and hundreds of pictures from Italy, France, Spain and many other countries.

This is your chance to find recent photomaterial from europe, professionally worked out with photoshop, prepared for printing in magazines, books promotion-pamphlets and much more.

The pictures are made with medium-scale cameras or with high-resolution digital-cameras. The scans from the slides can be provided with a resolution up to 25 million Pixels.

I can offer you unbeatable conditions starting with 40.- $ for a standard-print in a magazine..

  The following links lead you directly to the regions and subjects you are requesting for.

pictures - Germany

pictures - Europe


  If you want to order pictures just send me an e-mail and I will answer you within 24 hours.


  Of course you can also order the photos directly by telephone: 0049/ 30/ 706 81 68 or by fax: 0049/ 30/ 7068168, or you can send your request by mail to

 Bildarchiv - Matthias Barth, Potsdamer Chaussee 8, 14163 Berlin - Germany